Lipova Living

Lipova Living

The luxury Lipova Living estate is located on a plot of over a hectare in one of the most beautiful streets of old Jeziorna, surrounded by cosy single-family buildings, just 200 metres from Warszawska street — one of Konstancin’s main arterial roads, connecting the city with the capital.

The complex will comprise only 11 residences with varied and functional interior layouts, designed on a rectangular plan. The two-storey houses have floor areas ranging from 293 to 327 square metres. Each of them has a built-in garage with two parking spaces.


The interiors of the houses are high and spacious: the ground floor is 3.05 m high, the mezzanine floor is 3.17 m high, and the first floor is 2.96 m high. In the place where the stairs are located, the height will be about 6.5 metres, which will enhance the impression of spaciousness and make the house look impressive and stylish.

The gardens surrounding the residences range in size from 400 to as much as 1,200 square metres. The large, own green space, ready for any arrangement, will be a perfect place for future residents to relax and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

from293 m2

to327 m2




Materials have been meticulously selected for quality and durability to meet the requirements of customers who expect the highest standards.

The façades will be in bright tones and covered with high-class materials, including massive, over 3-metre-high slabs of quartz sinter, which is characterised not only by durability and modern-class design but also by incredible resistance to all types of damage, scratches and discolouration. The slope of the roofs, however, will be concealed by an attic so that the visual impression remains consistent and harmonious.

All rooms will be well lit thanks to large glazings, mostly covering full height between the floor and a small lintel. The elegant, 2.90 m high windows will themselves be a luxurious decoration and allow you to fully enjoy the daylight. This will be complemented by premium window joinery, with aluminium windows from Aluprof and gorgeous glass balustrades on the terraces.



The technical parameters have been selected and modern tools have been planned with exceptional care. Among other things, solutions have been prepared to enable the use of smart home technology. The houses will also be equipped with a supply and exhaust ventilation system, with a top-quality SWEGON air handling unit.

Warmth in the houses will be provided by multi-functional gas heaters and almost invisible trench radiators, which will be elegantly integrated into the floor.


The estate will be fenced and covered by 24h CCTV to ensure safety and privacy for future residents. Each house will have a multifunctional video doorbell.

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In prestigious projects, attention to detail is of the utmost importance. At Lipova Living, care has been taken to the tiniest detail not only in the design of the homes but also in their surroundings.

Advanced recuperation system
— clean, filtered air
Stylish façade
with natural sintered quartz
— durability for years to come
Handle-free glass balustrades
mounted from below
provide a crystal clear
and unobstructed
view of the garden.
Panoramic glazing
that gives a sense
of space and infinity.
Private parcel boxes
for exclusive use
of residents of the estate.
A secure and modern
way of collecting larger parcels
and online purchases.



Apparently, by order of Colonel Rossman, lime trees were planted here during the November Uprising — as was usually done along roads. Legend has it that the trees were planted by order of Napoleon himself to provide shade for marching troops.

Now it is not known how and when exactly the lime trees were planted along the road. All we know is that they are huge, beautiful, offer respite on hot days, and smell wonderful when flowering… No wonder they gave their name to the charming road where they have been growing for nearly 200 years.

Unique location

Lipowa 25

The location of the Lipova Living estate near Warszawska street, right next to the administrative border of Warsaw, is a great advantage and allows for smooth communication with the capital city and quick access to the centre of Konstancin-Jeziorna.

A bus stop is located 200 metres from the development, and it takes about 15 minutes to get to Ursynów and the Kabaty metro station. Right next to the bus stop, in the building of the former Wilanów railway station, there is a post office. The S2 Southern Warsaw Bypass will ensure efficient communication within the capital and exit from the city in all directions.

There are numerous shops and markets in the vicinity of the estate, within a radius of 1 kilometre. In less than 3 minutes, you can reach the Stara Papiernia shopping centre by car, which is 1.5 km away. Its stylish, beautifully renovated interiors house boutiques, cafés and restaurants.
The educational offer is equally interesting. Residents of Lipowa have at their disposal public and private kindergartens, Primary School No. 3 in Bielawska Street and also renowned private schools: the prestigious American School of Warsaw and the highly original Montessorian No Bell School. About 7 km away is the Canadian International School, and only 10 km separates Lipowa from Wilanów, where the British Primary School, the German Willy Brandt Schule, the International European School, the Polish British Academy of Warsaw, the Private Primary School Varsovia and the Academy High School are located.

Close to nature

An English landscape park, the present-day Count Witold Skórzewski Spa Park (Park Zdrojowy im. hr. Witolda Skórzewskiego), was established by the Jeziorka river flowing in the area.



The year 1975 saw the beginning of the construction of a brine graduation tower, which still today attracts crowds of health resort visitors. It is much smaller compared to the most famous Polish graduation tower in Ciechocinek, but its architectural beauty and healing qualities are outstanding. The inhalatorium building is situated in the open air, the “inhalation mushroom” from which the brine extracted from a depth of 1750 m is sprayed, is located inside a building made of blackthorn twigs.


The local climate around the well resembles that of the seaside and has therapeutic qualities. The graduation tower works by breaking drops of brine falling from a height on tiny twigs of blackthorn, which causes evaporation and the creation of a specific microclimate around the construction. Micronutrients are absorbed through the mucosa and skin, which replenishes their deficiency in the body. The therapeutic properties of the brine have beneficial effects on the nervous and respiratory systems, improve blood circulation and overall immunity.


After the treatment rich in iodine, bromine, calcium and magnesium, you can take a stroll through the park, which has an amphitheatre and beautiful walking trails. A narrow-gauge railway from Warsaw used to get here.


Lipova Living is located 3 km from the beautiful spa park (Park Zdrojowy) in Konstancin and its biggest attraction – the brine graduation tower. But it is not only the graduation tower that creates the unique microclimate of Konstancin-Jeziorna. Additional assets of the spa are Konstancin forests. In the southern part of Konstancin-Jeziorna runs the border of the Chojnów Landscape Park (Chojnowski Park Krajobrazowy), and between Konstancin and Słomczyn there is a nature reserve “Obory”. There are also three other nature reserves located in the vicinity: “Skarpa Oborska”, “Łęgi Oborskie” and “Łyczyńskie Olszyny”.

There are also cycle paths and, for those who want to commune with nature and learn its secrets, a didactic path called Konstancin Forests (Lasy Konstancińskie) is available. Less than 5 km from the Lipova Living estate, there are green recreational areas of Powsiński Park Kultury (including sports fields, tennis courts, an outdoor swimming pool, a rope park, a bowling alley, ping-pong tables and a modern playground for children).

Not far away, only 3-4 minutes from Lipowa street, is the gorgeous Polish Academy of Sciences Botanical Garden. The 40 hectares garden is home to a unique collection of trees, an orangery, a Japanese garden and a rose garden. It hosts a number of regular events, exhibitions, concerts and workshops, including exciting events for children.

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